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Track methods used for handling Pack advancements, notes about PackMaster software or other lessons learned about managing advancements.

- Hans E
  • I loaded Wolftrax to Google Docs and shared it with the other leaders.
  • This served as a good system of record of what each had done, since we had some troubles with entering items initially into PackMaster.
  • Some of the cell equations may need to be reviewed to ensure they like the new format.
  • As a spreadsheet, I was able to use conditional formulas on the Attendance worksheet.
    • Example: If content is "A" (Attended) for this particular event, then place an "E" (Elective) for the following cells in that Scout's work sheet of Electives.
    • Example: If total number of "A"s for this range of Summertime activities is >= the required number, then mark the Summertime Activity cell as "C" (Completed) for this Scout.
  • It is also good practice to save a copy of your Google Doc as an Excel spreadsheet on your home PC, as a back-up should you somehow lose the copy in the cloud.

  • The Pack introduced PackMaster during our Bear year, but I found it useful to keep BearTrax in Google Docs as a secondary record. Things were a little rough with data entry when PackMaster first started...

  • Two weeks before a Pack meeting, send each parent a copy of their son's current Achievements and Electives, to see if they have any additional items you missed or need to know about.
    • PackMaster records tend to have a deadline of 1 week prior to the Pack meeting in order to get the award at that meeting.
    • (privacy) Do not broadcast these records to the whole den, since each parent should only see their own son's records.
    • PackMaster lets you output a XLS spreadsheet to e-mail to the parent, but we also found it useful to print a sheet and deliver it to the boy at a meeting. Their parent could mark it up and return it more easily.