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Parents Lead a Den Meeting

It is the Den Leaders role to get their Scouts ranked up by Blue and Gold in late February. After that, you should absolutely involve your den parents to run a meeting or two. Print a sign up sheet with several electives or activities you'd like to have someone run from March till May. Bring it to a den meeting and recruit a family before they drop their son off. Your parents will have skills or interests that will excite your den and bring a new excitement to the meetings. You can also ask if there's a hobby they'd like to share or a fun game or craft they'd like to lead.

- Hans E - We were fairly successful asking the parents for assistance, but I would not wait until Spring. The earlier you can elicit help, the less likely you will have families with conflicts preventing them from helping. Also, it helps to hand them a bunch of sample meeting plans and ask if they want to do one of these or make up one of their own. Having the plans ready for them takes off the pressure they may feel.

3 Leaders is optimal

If you can recruit backup leadership for your den, having 3 leaders per den makes your life A LOT easier. Because there are typically 3 den meetings per month, each leader would only need to plan one. This spreads the responsibility around and prevents one leader from getting burned out. You should still have one leader primarily responsible for handling den advancements. This avoids a lot of confusion about who maintains the records.

Den Chiefs

The den chief program is something we as Cub Leaders do to support the Boy Scouts need for leadership service. As a Webelo (and often Bear) leader, you are able to have a First Class and above Boy Scout support your den meetings and assist you to implement the program. For more information, check out this page and what they provide you, and what guidance you'll need to give them.