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Here is a great resource for Den and Pack Meeting ceremonies to use as a reference. We like to have a fun opening for Pack meetings and there are several good ones here.

Standard Length Rank Ceremonies: first time award is offered

  • Bobcat **NEW version** Original version here
  • Tiger
  • Wolf (see Blue and Gold Outline below)
  • Bear (see Blue and Gold Outline below)
  • Webelos (see Blue and Gold Outline below)
  • Arrow of Light (
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    for the Order of the Arrow participant)

Shortened Length Rank Ceremonies: subsequent Pack Meetings

Blue And Gold

Bridging Arrow Award

It has been customary at the Blue & Gold Dinner to present the Bridging Webelos with an arrow symbolizing their Cub Scout achievements. This is an actual wooden arrow with a real stone tip and feather fletching. This is painted with a series of stripes in specific locations. It is also customary for the makers to remove the notch during its design, to prevent anyone actually using these arrows. ;-)

In 2014, Tom Staley made an excellent jig (in the closet) to hold the arrow during painting. When painted, each color on the arrow represents an achievement in their Scouting career.
It also contains 2 sample ceremonies to present them for a change from the above Arrow of Light ceremonies.