Completing requirements

  1. Log into PackMaster Web
  2. Click on "Group Credit"
  3. Select the type of award you want to give one or more people credit towards
  4. On the resulting page, choose the boy(s) you want to give credit for an award from the checklist on the left side of the page
  5. Select the requirements that you want to give them credit for on the right side of the page
  6. Add the date that they earned the credit in the "Date" field (If you don't know, please use today's date)
  7. Click the "Process" button to provide them credit towards the selected requirement(s)
  8. If done with that set of awards, press the "Close" button

Repeat steps 2-8 for any further awards you need to distribute.

When done providing the group credits, press the "Close" button again to return to the home screen.