Sample Pack Meetings

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These are archived Pack 200 meetings you can use for reference. There are 10 Pack Meeting events during our Cub year. Not every month will have a full Pack Meeting if there is a special theme such as Halloween's Pack-O-Ween.2014 - 2015 Pack Meetings

General pattern:
1 AUG - Welcome, camping prep talk
2 SEPT - Popcorn kick-off
3 OCT - Pack-O-Ween
4 NOV - Toys For Tots, Popcorn finale
5 DEC - Cary Christmas Parade, Needy Family
6 JAN - Arrow of Light
7 FEB - Blue & Gold, bridging Webelos II to Boy Scouts
8 MAR - free - Den activity? Pack Game?
9 APR - free - Pack game
10 MAY - Year-end Picnic and rank-ups


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Cubmaster is the public face of the Pack. This person must be able to communicate and relate to the scouts and families. This person should be able to delegate responsibilities and set a good example through behavior, attitude, and uniform. The Cubmaster position will normally be for a 2 year term.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Plan and lead the Cub Scout Program in the pack according to the policies of the BSA.
  • Assist with recruiting and recharter, collecting contact information and medical forms for the Committee.
  • Plan and lead monthly pack meetings.
    • Recognize Scout and Leader Advancements
    • Lead Rank Ceremonies
  • Master of Ceremonies for all derbies and Blue and Gold Banquet.
  • Recruit Den Leaders and Assistant Cubmasters.
    • Ensure all leaders are on Leaders mailing list(s).
  • Guide and support Den Leaders. Work with Training Coordinator to ensure all leaders are trained in their perspective roles.
  • Work with Troop Den Chief Coordinator to place Den Chiefs in appropriate dens.
  • Work with Assistant Cubmasters and share the work load.
  • Work as a team with Committee Chair on the follow duties.
    • Ensure the pack has a quality year round program filled with fun and activities that qualify dens and the pack for the National Summertime Award.
    • Provide guidance to Webelos Den Leaders on bridging our scouts to a Boy Scout Troop. Help make sure it is a smooth transition.
    • Maintain good relations with parents and guardians. Seek their input and support for activities. Recruit parents and guardians to serve in a variety of volunteer positions. See volunteer position document for more details
    • Work together to develop and execute year around recruiting for all den ranks.
    • Conduct annual planning meetings in the summer which includes both Den Leaders and Committee Members. There are 2 planning sessions, one in June and one in July. The June session is a review of the past year and begins working on the upcoming year. The July meeting finalizes the upcoming year plan on a pack level. The Den Leaders begin planning for the upcoming year of activities for their respective dens.
  • Assist in maintaining and publishing:
    • Pack Calendar
    • Sign-ups for volunteer events, e.g. Sign-up Genius
    • Pack web site articles
  • Attend monthly Pack Leaders meeting and District Roundtable.

This person is at least 21 years old and is registered as an adult leader of the BSA. This person will complete all training that is required for this position.

Assistant Cubmaster

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The Assistant Cubmaster role is designed to be a helper position to the Cubmaster. You can either help out as needed with ceremonies and Pack operations, or use this position as a Cubmaster in training role. You will participate in all the functions of the Cubmaster, but without the ultimate responsibility to deliver the entire program. On-the-job training is the best way to learn this job!

It is expected that the Assistant will move into the Cubmaster role later. It is fine to have more than one Assistant Cubmaster if full-time staff cannot be located.

Duties and Responsibilities
  • Help the Cubmaster as needed. Be ready to fill in for the Cubmaster, if necessary.
  • Complete Cubmaster Fast Start training and position-specific Basic Leader Training.
  • Attend monthly Pack Leaders meeting and District Roundtable.
  • Participate in planning and carrying out pack meetings.
  • Supervise Den Chiefs and see that they are trained.
  • Adopt a Pack function such as Finance, Derby Master, Multimedia support, etc.


What's it really take to be CM?

In 2015, I (Hans) logged the following records, mostly for mileage and my employer's volunteer records. This included trips to the church for Den Meetings, Pack Meetings, Pack events, monthly Roundtable meetings, training events, Pack camping trips, and to the storage unit plus related errands.
  • 983 miles driven (Tax deduction! :-)
  • 173 hours spent in face-time with families or youth (events and meetings)
  • Innumerable hours doing e-mails on phone or PC and prepping meetings. Expect ~2-6 hours planning and creating each Pack Meeting.