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Check out this document for equipment to bring on a camping trip. For Webelos, they can pack themselves using this equipment list.

* NEW * This Excel Spreadsheet published by a District Boy Scout camping committee. Many sites aren't appropriate for Cubs, but a good reference nonetheless.

NC State Parks Campsite search:


Camp Agape; (919) 552-9421 Last Camped 03/2012

http://www.agapekurebeach.org/ (Contact was Office Manager - Nancy)
Would definitely camp there again. Fees are $3.00 per person per night. The fee included the bath house usage, picnic shelter, and campfire ring. There is a charge if we needed to use the picnic shelter kitchen. Reservations are made through the office with $75.00 deposit. Reservations can be taken up to 1 year in advance. The pack reserved the entire campsite.
  • Nice field for activities (2012 was our own Pack Cuboree),
  • Most campsites are flat,
  • Agape provided firewood for campfires,
  • bath house had toilets and showers, laundry room with washer and dryer.
  • 1 mile hiking trail to the Cape Fear River with a great Fishing Pond much closer along the way.
  • 40 minutes South from Cary.
  • Not all campsites have water and electric,
  • The ground can have large rocks,
  • Large "Taj MaTents" may get crowded in between trees in some sites,
  • Lights on the bath house stayed on all night. (2012)
  • Dogs barked on nearby farm (2012)


Camp Boddie (formerly Camp Bonner South); (252) 522-1521 Last Camped 05/2013 (09/2009)

Small BSA summer camp in the East Carolina Council.
http://www.eccbsa.org/Camping/Camp%20Boddie (East Carolina Councils website)
  • Nice waterfront on the river
    • amphitheater on the river
  • 30 minutes from Aurora Fossil museum
  • awesome bath houses
  • big sites (so only reserve 2)
  • fishing on the river, beautiful views on the river.
  • Easy day-trip into Washington NC for Sunday lunch if families want on the way home
  • Straight shot with all the boater traffic through ECU.
  • 2 hours 15 mins away
  • no parking at camp site
  • need to drop equipment and take car back out to parking lot
  • no swimming because area is not marked
  • expensive ($540 - out of council) for weekend and bath houses.
  • 2013 - Bathrooms suffered overflows and leaking due to low height. Camping site was closest to the amphitheater.


Camp Charles; (252) 235-4197 Last Camped 09/2006

Ed Brown took us here in 2006(?); great facility
http://www.eccbsa.org/index.html (East Carolina Councils website)
http://www.bsanc.org (Tuscarora Councils website)
  • Less than 1 hour
  • campsites close to parking
  • day trip to Country Doctor Museum a few minutes away.
  • Expensive for out-of-council camping


Camp McNeil (A "Cub World") Last camped 09/2013

(910-395-0242) Cape Fear Council - Wilmington, NC
Contact: John Harniman - Camp Director
Camp sites: Stayed between First Union and Cartrette Cabins (Used cabin rest rooms and showers). Saturday activities - visit the Airborne & Special Operations Museum in Fayetteville (25 min drive) and fishing in the Boy Scout Camp lake. Kids loved playing on the Pirate Ship and in the Gold Mine. More to do at the site with Tom Sawyer raft crossing, and Space Station.
  • Showers available.
  • Offers Tom Sawyer pull-rope boats, a stationary pirate "ship", wooden fort, and buried tunnels for a "mine".
  • Some dens (Tigers) may be able to camp inside the fort structure.
  • Impressive amphitheater with Cub Scout emblems on poles, night lighting tower.
  • Hot in mid-May.
  • Toilet plumbing seemed inadequate or too low, suffered debilitating overflows that closed one bath house during our 2013 visit.
  • Seemed run-down in 2013, lacking volunteers or clean-up projects?


Camp Tuscarora, (919-934-9538) Last camped 05/2015 (Webelos only 05/2013, Pack in 05/2009)

Contact: Tim Wertzer, Camp Ranger 2015 (Hogan Moore in 2009)
  • 1 hour away from Cary
  • 30 minutes to Seymour Johnson AFB for the Wings Over Wayne air show
    • www.wingsoverwayneairshow.com
  • Gates generally do not lock, so late-comers can still get in.
  • Several campsites, skateboard park, BMX park, waterfront/lake.
  • Sites 3, 4, & % are flat and Gigantic. Can probably fit entire Pack in 2 of them!
  • Civil War Battlefield is close to Hwy 70 - offers audio on cell phone
  • Bath house (with showers) for sites 3-5 was NEW in 2015, and it was Awesome.
    • Site 3 is the furthest from this bath house.
    • Site 5 has its own toilets building, as well as being close to the bath house.
  • Wings Over Wayne show suffers from security work and funding, may not occur every spring.
  • Rangers want all cars parked at Reservations when night falls, not in camp sites.
  • Some campsites you need to use a hand truck to access. Hand trucks are lined up outside the Reservations building.
  • Can be buggy at times
  • Turkey farm across from the camp can be heard in the morning, laughable loud gobbling.
  • ER: Closest ER is Wayne Memorial (2700 Wayne Memorial Dr., Goldsboro NC 27534, 919-736-1110), approx. 20 miles and 30 minutes from 965 Scout Road, Four Oaks, NC 27524


Camp Woodfield Boy Scout Reservation, (336-625-9944) Last camped 03/2014

Contact: __, Camp Ranger - Old North State BSA Council
Group sites: Tutelo, Eno
Notes: NC Transportation Museum in Spencer NC is 30 minutes away.
  • 1.5 hours away on 64West
  • many campsites, lake for fishing, amphitheater on the water.
  • Bathroom facilities range from modern to rustic.
  • Lots of free firewood around.
  • Most camp sites have a metal tarp frame sized for a 16'x20' tarp or larger.
  • Asheboro makes a handy dinner spot on the way in Friday night.
  • Some campsites have limited parking for drop-off, and most have no long-term parking. Bring wagons or hand carts.
  • No electric. No showers?
  • Noisy geese on the lake may stay up all night in March!
Camp sites: Stayed at Tutelo and Eno camps, close to enormous activity field, camp fire teepees, and walking distance to either Fort Engineer or amphitheater's waterfront. Camps close around the Fort Engineer have much less drop-off parking space and more rustic bath facilities, but the boys would probably be able to play in the Fort most all day like at Camp McNeil.

Cliff's of the Neuse
  • bathroom closures


Falls Lake (919-676-1027) Last Camped 09/2012 (Webelos only 05/2014, Pack in 09/2007)

Group sites: Rollingview, BW Wells, Shinleaf
Maps to those locations: http://www.ncparks.gov/Visit/parks/fala/directions.php
They will hold about 35 people per site.
  • Good length hiking trail for the Cubs.
  • Bring wagons, as the sites are not directly next to the parking, but mostly level to-and-fro.
  • Some sites at BW Wells may be hilly/sloped for almost all tent spots, lots of trees, little tight.
Notes: Used BW Wells camp sites for Camp Like A Boy Scout in 2015 and 2014.
Notes: For 2012 we went to Dead Broke Horse Farm for riding. Way too many people, plus civilians, for that facility. Best to do the horse riding as a day trip and not couple it with camping.


Kerr Lake, Satterwhite Point (919-xxx-xxxx) Last Camped 09/2015 cancelled, also 04/2016 cancelled (first time ever?)

Group sites: Cooper
Maps to those locations:
  • Seems to suffer from thunderstorms and straight-line winds. Both trips planned for 2015-2016 season were cancelled due to this plus lightning


Lake Jordan (919-362-0586) Last camped 09/2008 (Webelos 03/2009)

Group sites: Vista Point, Parker's Creek
Maps to these locations: http://www.ncparks.gov/Visit/parks/jord/directions.php
  • They will hold about 30 people per site.
  • Can fill up quickly.


Medoc Mountain State Park (252) 386-6588 Last Camped 09/2011

Reserve group sites 1 - 4
  • Drive up to Roanoke Rapids & the Canal Museum, plus a hike
  • Roanoke Rapids: Playgrounds, walking paths, museum, gorgeous waterfront picnic table area.
  • Great campsites and right next to a super gigantic field; park right near but not at sites
  • Can take hike in the park, try to "find the mountain".
  • 90 miles from Cary (1.5 hours)
  • Not much else to see outside park; somewhat remote
  • ER: Closest ER may be Roanoke Rapids


Morrow Mountain State Park, Albemarle NC Last Camped 04/2015

Reserve 2 group sites
  • Campsite right on Fall Mountain Trail (4 mi) with easy access to campsite
  • Junior Ranger program with local rangers.
  • Fishing on Pee Dee river
  • Route home can run you past Camp Durant/Reeves if you want a quick tour for mom.
  • State park - park closes at 8PM, gates close at 9:00PM
  • Directional signage to campsites inadequate
    • Group Sites on map are labelled as Youth Sites when you get there.
  • NN cell phone service at the campsite, for pretty much all carriers.
ER: Closest ER is Stanly Regional Medical Center (301 Yadkin Street, Albemarle NC 28001, 704-984-4000), approx. 7 miles and 16 minutes from 49104 Morrow Mountain Rd, Albemarle, NC 28001


Neuseway Park, Kinston NC; (252) 939-3367 Not Camped Yet - heard about in 2015

Best as a destination and not a Pack Camping Site.
Camp Boddie is in that BSA council area.


  • Free to Scout camping, with 1 hour service required.
  • Good opportunities for STEM
    • Morning tours 9:30-noon?
  • On-site nature museum
  • On-site planetarium
  • Large picnic shelter with fireplace (must reserve)
  • Canoes available
  • Camp by river
  • Not as rugged wilderness as normal?
  • Camping areas not able to handle 100 people, would need to use their lawn.
  • Only 1 bathroom for day&night - only 1 stall for each sex. Other one open in day.
  • No fires allowed on the ground, but can bring fire pits.
  • On flood plain, on the river.
  • Expect us to provide 3 possible tour dates.
  • They get filled up early
  • Can have additional incidental costs (souvenirs, in-town shopping, et al)
  • RV's allowed in the general camping area.
  • Canoes available, but Cubs can only go on ponds in Scout activities.
  • Not as rugged wilderness as normal?


Optimist Farm Park; (919) 210-0901 Last Camped 05/2007

  • Very close (southern Wake County)
  • fishing on site
  • near activities like Bug Fest in downtown Raleigh or Yates Mill Park
  • nice big field for activities if it's been mowed
  • Need to bring port-a-potties and water
  • Looks like they have raised to fees a bit

Pettigrew State Park, NC
  • 2.5 hours East from Cary
  • Might find the Scout reservation in Washington area cheaper?

Raven's Rock, NC

  • 1 hour South from Cary


Stone Mountain, NC

  • It is a nice park with different attractions other than the local Cary lakes.
  • Reasonable hike gets everyone to clear, rocky summit for play and kites.
  • Small lake near camp ground offers a formal swimming area when open for summer.
  • Tourist center offers ranger events during main season.
  • Beautiful during Autumn.

  • 3.5+ hour drive.
  • Summit can be misleading and deaths have occurred when people walk down the side too far - requires vigilance and boundaries.