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Balloon RacesBalloon-Races.jpg

Equipment:Balloon, Straw, Painters tape, String or yarn, Scissors
Find two places where you can tie your yarn or string to. It needs to be a fairly good distance apart so your balloon has further to travel. Slide your straw on the string before you attach both ends. Place two pieces of painters tape on top of the straw so it will come off the balloon easily. Blow up your balloon, and hold the end closed or secure with a clip. Attach straw and tape to blown up balloon. Slide your balloon back to the start line, and release the balloon. Experiment with different types of string, to see which make it go faster, set up multiple “tracks” and have races between multiple people and also experiment with the angle in which you place your string.


Equipment: A suit of playing cards per team from Ace to Ten (one pack of cards will supply four teams).
The ten cards for each team are laid out at random; face down on a table in front of them. One at a time the boys run up and turn over a card. If it is not the Ace then they turn it face down again and run back to their team and the next player goes. When the ace is turned up they can leave it face up and run back to their team. The next card needed is the two and so on. Play continues until one team has all its cards turned face up in the correct order.

Eat the Fishtail

Equipment: None
Have the boys line up in single file line, holding each other around the waist. The first boy is the fish head; the last boy is the tail. On signal, the head tries to catch and tag the tail, while the tail tries to avoid being caught. All must continue to hold on to each other. The longer the fish, the more fun they’ll have. Once the tail gets tagged, the head becomes the new tail.

Group Knot

Equipment: None
Have the Scouts stand in a tight circle, with their hands in the center. Have them grab 2 hands not next to themselves at random. Then have the group to work together to get themselves untangled without letting go. This may get frustrating if you've formed a troublesome knot, but let them keep trying.

Pass on the Bridge

Equipment: Roll of Duct Tape
Make a line of tape on the floor 2 strips wide and ~12 feet long. Divide into 2 groups with one at each end of the tape. The teams must swap ends without stepping off the edge of the tape. They’ll have to work together as a team to pass by without stepping off the bridge.

Birthday Lineup

Equipment: None
Have the boys line up in order of their birthday without speaking a single word. You can do this by month only, or by month, day and year. Once lined up, each announces their birth date. "Losers" move to the back of the line.

Ball Pass

Equipment: 5-6 different sized balls.
Group stands in a circle and a leader hands a ball to start passing clockwise around the circle. You can either pass or toss depending on age/skill level of boys. Quickly pick up drops and continue passing as fast as possible. Once they get the hang of it, start introducing one at a time. You can also introduce a “special” item that has to go the other direction if they get really good.

Rump Bump

Equipment: One balloon or ball per team.
Partners stand back to back, bend down, and place their hands on the floor in front of them, with or without bending their knees. They then place a balloon (or ball) between their behinds and try to move around without dropping it. To end the game with a bang, the partners can press their behinds together until the balloon pops.

Balloon Balance

Equipment: 1 big balloon and 1 small balloon per team.
Divide the group into teams of 4-8 players. Each team is given one large and one small balloon. The first player of each group, on the word 'Go', balances the smaller balloon on top of the larger one and races to the other end of the playing area (could be around a table or chair obstacle course). If the top balloon falls off, the player must return to the starting line and begin again. When he makes it to the end, the player takes both balloons in his hands and runs back to the starting line for the next player. The first team to finish wins.

Memory Tarp aka Mowgli's Game

Equipment: A blanket or tarp, and 15-30 small items (scout stuff, household, camping, funny, etc).
Arrange the items on a table and cover. Give a small group 30-45 seconds to view the items and then re-cover. Wait a minute and have them work together to write down as many items as they can remember.

What Am I?

Equipment: None
The Cubs sit in a circle. One Cub goes outside the room, while he is away the others decide what he should be when he comes back. If they decide on a policeman, for example, they call him back and he has to ask each Cub in turn what he has to buy for himself. One will say black boots, another a whistle, another a flashlight and so on. If the shopper goes around the whole group without guessing what he is, he must go out again, and the Cubs will choose something else.

The Chair Game

Equipment: 1 Chair per Cub
Arrange enough chairs in the shape of a “U” for all scouts except one (close enough to touch each other). Form a circle around the chairs. All the Scouts need to watch the leader as he holds up 1, 2 or 3 fingers. 1 Finger means rotate around the circle clockwise, 2 means rotate counter-clockwise, 3 means SIT DOWN. Only allow them to enter the “U” at the top opening – no one sneaks between the chairs. If you’re last to sit, you’re out. Pull a chair and continue until only one is left. This game can be silent, but there’s lots of running.

The Blob

Equipment: 1 Chair or pole balanced upright
Everyone makes a circle around a pole/chair in the center of the room. Hold hands or wrists tightly. When the leader says go, everyone tries to pull the blob into touching the pole. Whenever someone touches the pole or loses their grip, they’re out. Reform the circle and try again until only one is left.


Equipment: None
Starting with pairs, each player lays on their stomach with arms outstretched and holds the ankles of the boy in front of them. The goal is to move along the floor without letting go of the ankles. When they figure this out, move on to 4s, 8s or race with several teams. Also try adding obstacles. Teamwork!

Rooster Fights

Equipment: None
Have each of the boys grab one of their ankles and balance on their other leg. When you say go, they bump into each other with their chests (hands/arms/pushing not allowed). The goal is to force the other boys to let go of their leg. You can give them each 1-5 chances based on how long you want the game to last or differences in size/mass.

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